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Physio Note: Footwear and Stretches

Certain shoes and walking barefoot can make the pain worse. Inspect your wardrobe of shoes and discard non supportive footwear. Often, in fact, patients complain that pain began after purchase of particular shoes. Do not walk without supportive footwear (no flat-soled footwear, incl slippers, and no barefoot or stocking foot walking) especially during acute phase of condition. Keep supportive footwear at bedside for use on rising

Running in old runners that have worn out can be start of problem. Usual life of a pair of runners is about 300 km so replace them frequently

Your physical therapist can show you what features to look for in selecting appropriate footwear, including runners, slippers, and sandals

Calf muscles are often found to be tight on assessment of plantar fasciitis so regular stretching of Gastrocnemius and Soleus (calf) muscles is recommended