What to Expect From an Active Rehab Program?

November 27th, 2023
What to Expect From an Active Rehab Program?

When injury hits or chronic conditions flare up, it can often leave you feeling helpless. But instead of being a mere passenger, active rehab places you in the driver’s seat of your recovery journey.

In active rehab, your physiotherapist crafts a unique plan that's as individual as your body. They will assess your injury, fitness level, and health goals to create a regimen packed with exercises and stretches suitable for you.

Through a combination of strength-building exercises, stretches, and cardio activities, active rehab strengthens your body and puts you in optimal health.

A Dose of Helpful Knowledge For Your Condition

During treatment sessions, your physiotherapist will share vital information about your condition, offering insights to manage pain and enhance healing.

For example, if you are dealing with tennis elbow, your physiotherapist will teach you specific exercises to strengthen your forearm muscles and educate you on ergonomic adjustments to reduce strain.

Incorporating these tips during daily activities or while playing sports mitigates pain and promotes effective recovery.

Expect Sweat (and Maybe a Few Laughs)

Although active rehab puts you in the driver's seat for your condition, it requires sweat, determination, and consistency to receive the best results.

However, that's where a great physiotherapist comes in. Having a trainer to support you and answer any questions is invaluable. At Steveston Physiotherapy, our team specializes in active rehab and can help you recover from injury or manage chronic conditions. Visit our clinic today to get started.

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