Steveston Physiotherapy Testimonials

Read some of our testimonials from satisfied clients about Steveston Physiotherapy's performance and professionalism. See real feedback, ratings, and reviews below.

I was in an automobile accident and suffer from pain and limitation in my head, neck, back, and shoulders as well as a concussion, and tremors in my hands and head. I highly recommend physiotherapist Mandeep (Meenie,) at Steveston Village Orthopaedic & Sports Therapy Clinic.
I have been working with Meenie for several months. She listens to my concerns and assesses my progress on each visit. She is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in many different aspects of physiotherapy. Besides dry needling, Meenie has manually manipulted my body, put me on machines and put machines on me always explaining the reason and process. Through dry needling, my painful headaches are now gone. With her care and treatment my pain is diminishing and I have begun to participate in physical activities I enjoyed before the accident. She is also experienced in concussion therapy and treated me through that phase. I no longer have head tremors and tremors are rare in my hands. I cannot be more grateful to Meenie for her continuing treatment, support, and caring attitude.

- Valerie Furlan

There is a shortage of nice happy people in the medical biz... because they are all working here. I'm afraid to tell you how happy I am to have found Jane Schmidt & everyone else here (staff & her comrades) as I may show up one day to a line up & not get in. Even Greg sat with me in such a kind & caring way & discussed my fractured arm with me... even though I told him I was interested in seeing Jane again. They are team players & care for their clients. Best care. Hands down. I love you guys!!!

- Bella Blanchard

First of all, this place is awesome. Very knowledgeable stuff. Mandeep is great and most definitely will see her again.

- doina lazar

I went to Steveston Village Orthopaedic because l had an arthritic knee. Meenie Hundal was my physiotherapist. I couldn't walk properly, or sleep because the pain in my knee was excruciating. But within a few sessions, that changed. My pain disappeared, and now my arthritic knee is very manageable. The staff at Steveston Village Orthopaedic are very friendly and welcoming.

- Anita Kaycee

Sciatica pain diminished from the first visit. Mandeep knows what she is doing. Relaxing and comfortable place with great customer service

- Fernando Borderas

Very experience she did what is good for each individual very pleasant employees

- J

Meenie is great! Attentive and listens to your needs! Receptionist is so nice too!

- Frances To

Lovely staff and brilliant physio. Will sort you out with care and quality.

- Riku Suga

Great vibe in the village. Knowledgeable Physiotherapist with a caring personality. Will recommend to my friends and family

- Terry Thorsteinson

Greg was excellent! Very attentive and helped me with my back issues. He added a bit of humour into our conversations as well which I always appreciate. All of the staff at Steveston Physio are very friendly and helpful.

- Kristin Campbell

Todd's really helpful, I immediately felt better after my session. obviously not 100% yet but real close.

- Daren Dyhengco

I’ve been coming to Steveston Physio for many years!
The people have changed over the years but the consistency of care has stayed the same.

The facility is small and personal, they have all the equipment one would need to help you along the way.

I am currently seeing Mandeep (meenie). I highly recommend her.

- Warren Kay

I highly recommend Steveston Physio as I have been coming here on and off since 1993. I have had to return due to bulging discs and arthritis. I have had the help from Meenie and Todd. Both wonderful Physio therapists! So thank you Steveston Physio for being such a nice and welcoming environment, with such knowledgeable staff.

- Gary Ludlow

I've been receiving treatment from Meenie for about 3 months for a broken shoulder. There's a good combination of therapy at the office that includes relaxation, deep tissue stimulation with dry needles, exercises, and manipulation. I appreciate being taught exercises that I can do at home that involve minimal equipment. The number of treatments required is diminishing as my recovery progresses. There is no pressure to book more appointments than necessary.

- Susan Viccars

A knee specialist recommended that I get physiotherapy to strengthen my left leg. I first saw Meenie last July 20th for assessment and treatment. Over the nine sessions (3 months) that I had with Meenie, she had we doing a variety of strengthening exercises. The pain that caused me to get help was gone. She wrote a letter to my doctor which enabled me to get orthotics. I really appreciated the help and care that I received.

- Chris Tipple

I would like people to know how good Steveston Village Orthopedic n Sport Therapy Clinic. I fractured my tibial plateau (broken knee) n could not walk. After my bone healed I went there for rehab and they help me very professionally to rehabilitate. They answered all my questions about my knee and future. Meenie my physical therapist is very confident, professional and knowledgeable in treating me. The office is very clean and the staffs is very good too.

- Eddie Lee

Have received 1st class treatment a few times over the last 10 years. Never feel rushed.
Would highly recommend Meenie and Todd

- John Miller

Hello I have been receiving physiotherapi treatment at this clinic for about 15 months for 7 months for
Work injuries related and then for injuries sustained in a car accident . with an excellent experience with my therapist and the front desk personnel my big thanks to you.

- Alexis R. Garcia

Had a lower back problems and Todd helped me to get it better and gave me information and exercises to help keep the problem from coming back

- B Dunlop

I have been coming in this clinic for the last three months after having knee injury. Todd has been a great help to my recovery. He is very patient in explaining things such as how a particular exercise works on which part of the body and etc. Todd is very professional, nice and knowledgeable. I’m very pleased and grateful for the help I got at this clinic. Great and friendly staff. I highly recommend Todd!

- Sherry C

A fantastic clinc. Todd was always clear about what was needed and I recovered well with his fiendly and professional care.

- Shannon Turner

I hereby come to thank Todd physioterapist for the excellent work he has done to recover me the two tragic accidents at work , i hope that they continue to perform this job that they do so well , i come hereby to also thank two secretaries Dingy and Maria for the sympathy they have for the costumers .

- Miguel Oliveira

I had a back knee pain during hiking and I went through few sessions in other two physiotherapy clinics last year but didn't go well. So when I injured my knee during ski earlier this year I decided to try Steveston Village Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapy Clinic. Todd helped me to go back my normal life. And surprisingly I found my knee pain was gone as well. I would highly recommend Todd and Steveston Physio for others. Thank you so much!

- Tina Tian

Mandeep was friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Looking forward to seeing her again.

- Michael Khoo

I recently did physio at the clinic with Todd Jury for rehabilitation after a seriously broken ankle. The experience was great;Todd was an excellent therapist offering a series of graded exercises over a period of several months to strengthen my compromised ankle. Thank you, Todd, for your professional care and attention. Steveston Village Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapy Clinic is highly recommended!

- Jenny Coyle

My session was excellent. Greg is very knowledgeable and experienced physiotherapist. I feel so lucky to finally find an option to relieve my pain. Thank you so much, I definitely will be back.

- angelica cabrera

I was experiencing chronic headaches everyday and migraines at least once or twice a month due to the tightness in my neck. I started seeing Todd who really helped loosen the muscles in my neck and released a lot of the tension. My headaches are minimal and I do not need medication to help with the pain as it’s not as severe as it was before. I would highly recommend Todd and Steveston Physio for others. Thank you for such a wonderful experience !

- Alisha Ladha

I've been struggling with a knee injury for the last few years and sought treatment from Todd Jury as he came highly recommended from a family member. I was pleased with his care and attention and after only a few visits and the exercises he had me doing, I could definitely feel the improvement. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Todd to anyone seeking physiotherapy.

- Shayne Finskars

I was going here for lower back pain. Todd has helped me so much in my recovery. He is very knowledgable and helps me to understand why I need to do certain things. I highly recommend this Physio. Ask for Todd!

- Andrew Yee

Long-term desk work let my back, back, shoulders and arms are painful, Todd soon cured these pain, his work is very effective, and very good attitude; 5 star rating.

- Jie Ma

Todd Jury figured out the issue with my hip and after 3 visits, I am back to my normal activities, pain free. I had seen another physio elsewhere and had been dragging that issue for over a year. I now have a short daily exercise routine to stay strong and active. I highly recommend Todd.

- Louise Pronovost

Just want to thank Todd Jury for the excellent care, he gave me with my
shoulder stain and mobility associated with the area. I enjoyed each visit learning the exercises to do at home. He is a very kind and caring person who knows how to much I could do with each session. I highly recommend Todd. Great staff as well.

- Loreen Seney

Todd Jury is a fantastic physiotherapist. Not only is he extremely competent and well trained, he is also time and professional. He demonstrates genuine care for his patients and I highly recommend him to everyone!
Thanks a lot Todd.

- Jalil B

They helped me after knee surgery without having to take pain medication.

- Sarah Phoebe Worfolk

After suffering weeks of extreme pain and discomfort due to my damaged spine, I walked out of this clinic a new man after my first session with therapist Todd Jury. Instant relief. Wow! 3 follow up sessions later, I was on track to resume a normal pain free life. I can’t say enough good things about Todd and the staff. My new heroes!!

- Frank Keitsch

Todd and the team have been treating my chronic back pain for a few weeks and I can now say that my pain has decreased greatly.
Thank you Todd!

- Clara Ruiz-Larrea

I had a pinched nerve in my neck for about 5 weeks. I tried massage therapy. Didn’t work. I booked an appointment with Steveston Physio. My physiotherapist Todd Jury was awesome. He listened to everything I told him and by the next day.. No more pinched nerve!! I had an amazing experience. I recommend this place. 5 out of 5!

- Its Lane

Greg and his team took superb care of me. Sad to finish my sessions with therapist extraordinaire Todd Jury today. It was refreshing to be encouraged to take care of myself; something not usually heard by single moms.

- Shahana Moynihan

Greg has worked miracles on me ,off and on for almost 20 years,broke my hip at 87,Was not expected to walk again,but now I walk 2 km daily and take the bus with my walker at 88,thanks to Greg.Broke a small bone in my hand after I could walk again,I can do al kinds of things with my right hand now,though I will never be as when I was young,I am most grateful for all his hard work.I am functional!

- Anne Marie Klomp

Greg has treated me superbly in both manner and care. I have required his services many times over the last 10 years and have found his ability to fix my back and neck issues was MORE than superb. In each case I was left pain free with excellent mobility in all manner and directions in a very short time..i might add. I don't think 5 stars is enough for these folks.

- Rod Wilen

Awesome people and pro's through and through.

- Richard Hamel jr