Fee Schedule

At Steveston Physiotherapy, we provide affordable coverage for all patients. Our fee schedule follows below. 

  • Physiotherapy: Initial assessment and subsequent treatment $90
  • Shockwave therapy: Initial assessment and subsequent treatment $110
  • Vestibular & concussion therapy:
    • Initial assessment $110
    • Subsequent treatment $100

Payment can be made out of pocket or through WorkSafe, ICBC, MSP, or a third-party provider.

Accepted ICBC and Worksafe patients are fully covered.

For third-party insurance providers, the amount they pay greatly varies for physiotherapy services. The patient will be responsible for the rest of the fee.

MSP patients pay 45$ and are eligible for 10 treatments (including physiotherapy, chiropractor, and massage therapy together) a year. 

If you need a fee schedule set up to support your budget, we can try to accommodate you. Our team works hard to find a payment solution for all patients.

We accept Cash, Debit, Credit, and Cheque.

Contact us today if you have any questions.